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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our readers with quality content and helping them at every step by bringing to them previous year papers for various exams from various universities , Upcoming bank exams in 2013 , government sector jobs. No fake link shall be uploaded here in any case .

Exams and Results:- We will cover all the latest upcoming exams so that you do not miss any opportunity of getting selected in either Government Sector or Private Sector. We also keep you updated about the results declared.
We will keep you updates about various Engineering exams, govt exams for entrance into various reputed govt organizations etc.

About The Author


Ankit Bansal

Hello I am Ankit.  Thanks for dropping by and taking some time to know more about me. I really appreciate that. I am a 21 year old guy who makes a passive income from Internet. I started my blogging carrier with FBUPDATES which gave me an outlet for my love for writing and sharing and since then I have not looked back. I am the man behind JOBS57 too.

My Story : 

I am into my final year of engineering . Apart from awesome friends , fond memories , and lots of great moments , there is not so much technical i can carry away from my engineering. Though i am placed by now with a telecom sector company , but the pay i have been offered is just ok to meet my parents expectations , but definitely not mine. My plans are different , my path is different. I love what I am doing here and most importantly it gives me the time of my choice to be with the people who matter to me.

I always feel grateful to the few people who introduced me into the world of blogging . Thats has changed my thoughts about Internet which I now believe is the most powerful tool today. When internet to other is just about Facebook, Youtube , its more to me . In fact its much more to me , its a source for my passive income and a source i look forward to as a permanent source of my future income as well.

Why Jobs57 ?

As I told you am a final year engineering student , i used to search a lot about exams, previous year papers , projects. But mostly my search ended up at fake links, advertisements , useless content. Though I started writing about Facebook at first on FBUPDATES , but i always wanted to start a education blog to overcome the difficulties i faced myself earlier. So as soon as got time i started with JOBS57.COM .

This online learning process continues everyday for me. I write this blog and i make sure that all my readers get value for the time they spend here by providing unique content , latest recruitment and exams notifications in a simplified way. I make sure to reply to all the emails, comments i am getting every day to connect better to my readers. This detailed about page is not to boost off, but its for the readers to know better about me and in return giving me a chance to connect better to them.

How To Contact Me

In case any of you have any queries be free to contact me by filling my short CONTACT FORM  OR you can contact me on FACEBOOK   or   TWITTER  too.

And Finally . . .

I have grown slow into what I am today but I can tell you that I have the confidence to tell you that i am along the way to reach freedom financially soon in future .

I honestly believe you need to give much more than what you get. I try to do that by over-delivering and exceeding expectations on every project I get involved with. Turns out making people happy is not that hard…

Prateek Bansal is the Techincal Head and the Chief Marketing Officer of Jobs57.com