CBSE JEE Main 2014 Preparation Tips

How to prepare to CBSE JEE Main 2014 | CBSE JEE Main 2014 Preparation Tips 

With the 12th standard CBSE Boards Exams being over, for those students who tend to appear in  JEE Mains exam, this time period of 10-15 days is the most crucial. Proper guidance and preparation can help the students to make it to the top. And this is where we come in, helping and guiding all you students in the right direction.Here are the most important CBSE JEE Main 2014 Preparation tips


CBSE JEE MAIN 2014 Preparation Tips to Students

Hard work and dedication in these last few days can really bear fruits for you, benefiting you in your future. So here we have some tips that will definitely prove beneficial for you.

(i) Solve previous year exams:

Solving previous years can prove out to be one of the major reasons of your success. Solving previous year exams give you a detailed insight on how the Exam will be the marking scheme, a rough idea about the distribution of marks, and the total time duration o the exam. Solving these papers can boost up your confidence level by preventing you from panic situations while appearing for the exam. If you panic during the exam, you tend to get confused and everything that you’ve read and prepared gets mixed up making situations worse for you.

Another important reason why you should practice them is the fact that you get to know your weak areas and now you can devote much of your time to prepare them. However if you set up a time limit while solving the previous papers that can prove beneficial for you as it can help you increase your speed.

(ii) Do not touch new topics:

Touching new topics just a few days before the exam will do you no good, doing nothing but wasting your crucial time. Instead try focusing and strengthening those areas that you already know and are aware of which can help you boost your confidence. Ask any student who has topped the exam earlier and all would say the say the same thing, no need to touch new topics but instead devote your time strengthen your weak topics.


(iii) Work on key concepts:

One things that students who will be appearing for the JEE Main 2014 exam need to know is that not all topics carry the same weight age.  Some topics do carry more marks than the other and it is important for students to rather first focus on these topics than the other topics. So identify these topics and start preparing for them first.

Here are some importance wise topics for you:

PHYSICS: Newton Laws of Motion, Work Power Energy, Laws of Conservation, Rotation Motion, Electrostatics, EMI, Heat and Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity, Semiconductor.

CHEMISTRY: Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, GOC, P Block Elements

MATHS: Conic Section, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Quadratic Equation, Definite Integration, Differential Equation, Vector and 3D, Complex Number

(iv)Time Management:

Proper Time management is of the key reason of you performing well in the exam. Subject wise division of time by keeping in mind your strong and weak points can prove very beneficial for you, avoiding you from panicky situations and thereby boosting your confidence.

(v) Stay Calm, Stay Healthy:

The key to success on these exams is your ability to keep calm before and during the exam. During the preparation period, going out for a small walk can help in keeping your mind and your body fit. Listening to your favourite music can help you rejuvenate yourself.  Beside these try keeping a check on your eating habits as well.  This is where the saying “Health is Wealth” totally falls apt for the situation. If you have a combination of fresh and healthy mind and body, you can work wonders.

Try following these crucial tips and lastly ALL THE BEST for the JEE Main exam 2014.

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