CBSE Problem Solving Assessment Sample Papers for Class 9th and 11th

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has initiated “Problem Solving Assessment” (CBSE – PSA) for students of Classes IX and XI from the second term of session 2013-14. The exam will be conducted on 16th february,2013 . These exams are basically made to check the ability of the students and will be conducted before the board classes. This is 21st century and now students are evaluated on their skills instead of there marks and due to this only CBSE has started these Tests and is compulsory for the students.

According to the CBSE official website CBSE has decided to replace one of the four formative assessments (FA) with a problem solving assessment (PSA) for Classes 9th and 11th.  The first test will be conducted on January-February 2013 for Class IX. The test will  involve questions to test a student’s problem-solving ability.

We have provided you with sample papers to help you understand the pattern of the questions which will be coming and to prepare well for the PSA exam. This is something which is happening for the First time in India for the school students of class 9th and 11th.

These test will be evaluated by CBSE board and the syllabus of this test will not be from the text books. So if you are looking for the sample papers of CBSE Problem Solving Assessment Sample Papers for Class 9th and 11th just follow the instructions given below and you can download them :-

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