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Digital Electronics is a important subject as it is one of the core subjects for electronics students and its also important for GATE Exam point of view. There are many questions from this subject in GATE Exam. So we are providing our readers with ebooks and notes for this subject. Digital Electronics Ebook PDF Free Download is available at the end of this post . Candidates just need to follow the instructions to get the notes for free.

Digital Electronics Ebook PDF Free Download – Syllabus

The syllabus or the topic covered in these ebooks are as follow.

Fundamental and logical operation of digital circuits including simple logic gates, combinational logic, flip-flop, counters, registers, and other sequential logic.

These notes also studies Boolean algebra to the extent needed to analyze and simplify logic gates.

Mux, Demux , Different flip flops and many other topics of vital importance.

We would like to thank ” Faadooengineer” for this useful data.

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We are also providing the link for RP.Jain book for Digital Electronics. Though you can not download this book , you can just read this book online . But still it can be really useful.

Students can read this book online. Click on the left and right arrow to move the pages forward and backward. Hope it helps.

All the best candidates.
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