Download PTU Btech CSE 6th 7th and 8th Semester Question Papers

Download PTU Btech CSE 6th 7th and 8th Semester Question Papers . We are providing PTU students with the previous year question papers all are arranged in Packages. Each package contains one subject. India is growing in IT industry and every year Computer science engineering students gets a lot of opportunities to Join IT sector. Here on we cover all the latest Jobs, Government Jobs for the engineering and so to get the daily Job alerts subscribe to our Newsletter or Register with us.

Past year papers are always useful for the preparations for the exams as they tell us about the kind of questions that have come before and the pattern of the exam. Computer Science and Engineering is the one of the most preferred trades.


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PTU Btech 6th Semester CSE Papers

1.Software Engineering ( CS-308)

[wpdm_package id=68]


2. Relational Database Management System (CS-302)

[wpdm_package id=67]


3. Real Time Operating Systems (CS-324)

[wpdm_package id=66]


4. Introduction To Business System (CS-304)

[wpdm_package id=65]


5. Asynchronous Transfer Mode(CS-306)

[wpdm_package id=64]


PTU Btech 7th and 8th  Semester CSE Papers

1. System Simulation And Modelling (CS-418)

[wpdm_package id=76]


2. Symbolic And Logic Programming ( CS-402)

[wpdm_package id=75]


3. Prinipal Of Enginnering Economics And Management (CS-408)

[wpdm_package id=74]


4. Fuzzy Logics And Systems ( CS-452)

[wpdm_package id=73]


5. Organisational Structure (CS-404)

[wpdm_package id=72]


6. Formal Language And Automata Theory (CS-404)

[wpdm_package id=71]


7. Expert Systems ( CS-424)

[wpdm_package id=70]


8. Computer Architecture (CS- 201)

[wpdm_package id=69]

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