PTU Btech ECE 7th-8th Sem Question Papers and Syllabus

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Download PTU Btech ECE 7th-8th Sem Question Papers and Syllabus. All the last year papers are collected and made in packages. We have also added the syllabus so that it would be easy for you to know  what is the part of the PTU syllabus and you can go through the selected topics during the exams.

Last years papers will help you to understand the coming pattern of the exams and you can give importance to repeating questions. As per the proposed date-sheet which is mostly right, PTU exams will be starting from 19-11-2012 as per PTU datesheet . So the students will require previous year question papers for better preparation for the exams .

To download PTU Btech ECE 7th-8th Sem Question Papers and Syllabus all you have to do is follow the following Steps:-

1. Click on the Download Button shown under the name of the Subject.

2. Enter your Name and Email address and you will get an email from us with the download link. Click on the link and download will start.

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PTU Btech 7th and 8th Semester ECE Syllabus

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PTU Btech 7th and 8th Semester ECE Question Papers

1.Wireless Communication ( DE-202)

[wpdm_package id=104]


2. VLSI Design And Technology(EC-406)

[wpdm_package id=103]


3. TV Engineering ( DE-35 )

[wpdm_package id=102]


4. Satellite Communication(DE-33)

[wpdm_package id=101]


5. Reliability Engineering

[wpdm_package id=100]


6. Optical Fiber Communication(EC-404)

[wpdm_package id=99]


7. Industrial Electronics

[wpdm_package id=98]


8. Biomedical Electronics

[wpdm_package id=97]

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